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TCT Update on TopTrader Dowinvest

Dowinvest is a long only WallStreet trader. Not an active trader but one who builds and holds his positions for extended periods of time. His position sizes are small which helps with his risk profile and as a long only trader he is going to prosper when the Dow rallies which makes this a good […]

TCT Update on TopTrader makeyourich

I have a suspicion that this is the same trader as swisstrading. In fact, I’m completely confident that it is. You only need to look at the performance charts to see the same pattern and the markets are identical bar the addition of Brent Crude Oil. So what is different about this account? Markets traded […]

TCT Update on TopTrader swisstrading

Swisstrading continues to heavily outperform the market. Ending 2018 with a gain of over 90% and all generated in the last Quarter of the year, one of the hardest periods to trade was extremely impressive. This trader continues to trade a relatively even spread of Gold, Silver, EU50 and US indices, both long and short […]

TCT Update on TopTrader retlaw4713

I’ve not looked at this trader for a while but they have delivered solid performance over the last few months after a slow and steady start to trading over the summer. This trader has a good win rate of just over 80%, trades not too actively, trades in small size generally and both long and […]

TCT Update on TopTrader swisstrading

After a dip in performance towards the of November, Swisstrading has performed well in December. This is the trader that has a healthy balance of preferred markets from Silver, US500, Wall Street, US Tech 100 to Gold, EURCHF and EU50. And is a trader who is happy to trade both short and long with a […]

TCT Update on TopTrader Squirrel

When we first commented on this relatively new trader back on the 30th of November, he had caught my attention because in less than 2 months he had delivered 200% returns from trading just the Wall Street index. A week into December and he is now looking close to breaking 300%. As I highlighted before, […]

TCT Update on TopTrader Squirrel

In a month which has seen so many traders struggle to make positive progress to find a trader who has made a staggering 175% in November is somewhat of a surprise. But TopTrader Squirrel has achieved over 200% return in just the two months that they have been trading. This new trader only trades the […]

TCT Update on TopTrader swisstrading

Swisstrading has continued to perform well in November after a huge result in October. The trading style seems to currently compliment the general market conditions. That’s not to say that a trading style that has a 100% winning trade rate won’t eventually hit the buffers when the market sentiment changes but for the time being […]

TCT Update on TopTrader BasisTrading

BasisTrading is one of our favourite boring traders. He trades mostly Dax with a little bit of EURUSD and WallStreet and a few other markets. He is yet to have a losing month and November is showing good gains also at this time. The key to this trader’s performance is that he trades in small […]

TCT Update on TopTrader Surfer

Surfer has cropped up on our radar this week. He has been on the system since early in the year but didn’t seem to trade at all over the Summer months. He trades just Wall Street and the DAX and looks to be mostly a long only trader. Risk control seems good with well positioned […]