Swisstrading continues to heavily outperform the market. Ending 2018 with a gain of over 90% and all generated in the last Quarter of the year, one of the hardest periods to trade was extremely impressive. This trader continues to trade a relatively even spread of Gold, Silver, EU50 and US indices, both long and short and generally aiming to use the commodities to part hedge their index positions.

Swisstrading’s strategy looks very professional and solid. There is logical reason and a very clear understanding of market direction and the importance of moving with that, not against. What remains a concern is that 100% winning trade rate. That’s a figure more typical of the amateur trader on a lucky streak as opposed to a seasoned trader. It’s an aspect to keep an eye one but we think this trader has another TopTrader account, makeyourich, where he does book losing trades so it is clearly a deliberate part of his strategy.

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